In Review: The Flash: We Are The Flash

The team gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe.

Synopsis: The team gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe.

Review: Of course those that have been watching this season of The Flash will know that the surprising ally is none other than Marlize DeVoe. And we know that because it was pretty much set up in last weeks episode. But that doesn’t mean that there are no surprises in the episode.

The episode pretty much hits the ground running as Irish brings Marlize into the fold in order to help the team out think the thinker. Basically, Marlize sets up some technology that allows the heavily pregnant and about to drop a sprog Cecile to psychically transfer barry’s consciousness into DeVoe’s mind. Barry’s initial task is to find the good version of DeVoe, which in and of itself is a task. Along the way, Barry gets to reconnect with Ralph Dibney whose consciousness is trapped in DeVoe’s mind due to the fact that DeVoe has been using Dibney’s body for the last couple of weeks. Which ultimately is what defeats The Thinker.

We get some wonderful CGI moments. One of which sees Barry and Dibney battle against an army of DeVoe’s as they try and stop the heroic pair from making it to the nexus point of DeVoe’s mind. The plan being for Ralph to take his body back and thus finish off The Thinker.  This whole scene is obviously very much influenced by the classic moment from the Second Matrix movie when Neo battles against a multitude of Agent Smiths.

DeVoe does not go down easy. Even when Dibney has taken his body back. DeVoe somehow manages to transfer what is left of his mind into The Thinker’s chair for long enough for him to attempt to bring the satellite he was using for Enlightenment crashing down on Central City.  This leads to the Flash having to speed punch the Satelite so that it does not kill any of the cities people, but he still needs a little help from another Speedster whose identity is revealed in the closing moments of the episode.

Overall. This was a satisfying conclusion to what has been a very mediocre season for The Flash. Wells gets his faculties back thanks to some help from Marlize, but it is not the Wells we have come to know and love, which is only going to make things interesting in the next season.

And that other speedster and the mystery girl is revealed to be none other than Nora West. The future daughter of Iris and Barry. And it looks very much like Nora could well be around for the fifth season, which could make things interesting.

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