In Review: The Flash – Untouchable

An evil Meta-Human is causing people to decompose and an incredible rate.

Synopsis: An evil Meta-Human is causing people to decompose and an incredible rate.

Review: In this latest episode. A lot of the focus is placed on Kid Flashes training and there are some fun moments.

Kicking things off is a race between Flash and Kid Flash, which provides opportunity for the team at Starlabs to run a little bet based on the results.

Things get kicked up a level when a meta Clive Yorkin comes into the frame and seems to be targeting police officers from Flash Point. One of which happens to be Detective Joe West.

Stuff gets really interesting when Yorkin decides it will be more fun to go after Iris instead, but not before Kid Flash makes an attempt to intervene.

Unfortunately for Iris. Kid Flash’s timing is a little off. Meaning that he is unable to save her. Instead that job falls onto the team with help from Caitlin who has to unleash her frosty powers, but with some moral support from Julian Albert.

Obviously they eventually managed to save Iris while coming up with a way to defeat Yorkin and it was great that Julian got to play a role in that.

I also liked the fact that Kid Flash gets to learn how to phase in and out of things and the way in which Barry is playing mentor to him is fun to watch.

Joe also finds out about Barry’s journey to the future and Iris’s fate at the hands of saviter.

Loving the fact that Julian Albert is becoming more involved and I would love it if he could eventually become a series regular.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, which sees a visitor from Earth 2 dropping by with news of Harrison Wells.

The Flash - Untouchable
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