In Review: The Flash – Therefore She Is

Relationships and break ups take centre stage as Team Flash edge closer to realising the extent of The Thinkers plans.

Synopsis: Barry and Team Flash team up with Gypsy to try to thwart Thinker’s plan. Meanwhile, Cisco and Gypsy have a heart to heart talk about their relationship.

Review: Although this episode focuses on Barry and team Flash trying to get a jump on the Thinker’s next move. It quickly turns into an episode where relationships are very much at the heart of the matter.

In the episode we see Cisco and Gypsy slowly come to the conclusion that the relationship needs to end, which is juxtaposed with the flashback scenes, which tell the story of how Marlize and Clifford DeVoe met and how they came to be working together on Clifford’s plan for the enlightenment of humanity. Initially, when she reads Clifford’s plans Marlize is terrified at the prospects, but an experience in a 3rd world war torn country changes her mind. We quickly see how much Clifford’s plans depend on Marlize’s skills as an engineer to put them into place. Kim Engelbrecht is absolutely brilliant in this episode. She puts in a really layered performance and goes on a real emotional journey, which leads to the only conclusion that is logical. 

Elsewhere in the episode, we see the friendship between Cecile and Harry blossom a little as Cecile’s enhanced mind reading abilities come to Harry’s aid and go quite some way to figuring out what The Thinker’s plans are.

The slow break down of Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship not only affects their contribution to the team, but it gives Barry something to try and fix. The scenes where Barry tries to mediate and bring Gypsy and Cisco together in order to make them have an honest conversation seemed a little forced and wasn’t as effective as it could have been. Unfortunately, the Cisco and Gypsy storyline felt less significant and less important than what was happening between Clifford and Marlize.

Overall. The story arc is moved forward somewhat with Marlize leaving Clifford because of she no longer recognizes him as her husband, but more as The Thinker, who she sees as contradicting the original plan. The question is. Will Marlize wind up joining with Team Flash in order to bring The Thinker down? Or will she just let his own lust for power lead him on a path to self-destruction? As she rightly points out. He is nothing without her. Without her technical expertise and engineering, The Thinker would still be the idea of a frustrated academic with delusions of grandeur.

Also. How will Team Flash go about stopping The Thinker know that they know what Enlightenment is?

The Flash - Therefore She Is
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