In Review: The Flash – There Will Be Blood

A bit of a mixed bag

Synopsis: Barry’s efforts to prepare Cisco for Crisis are derailed when Cisco schemes to save Barry’s life instead.

Review: A somewhat of a mixed episode this week as we see progression with regards to Ramsey, but loads of procrastination from the Barry Allen side of the camp as all his friends try to deal with the fact that ‘The Fastest Man Alive’ is a dead man walking.

The Story

Having learned that Barry aka The Flash is going to die in the near future. All of his friends struggle to deal with the feelings about it. Some coping better than others. Cisco is true to form as he attempts to figure out a way to save his friend’s life. Ralph, who has gained respect for Barry and truly found his way since becoming a meta-human is also having a hard time of it.

Elsewhere, Barry tries to help Ramsey out by giving him an experimental drug, which star labs have developed.  Unfortunately, when the drug fails to deliver. Ramsey breaks bad and loses the plot completely by totally denouncing his humanity and going on a killing spree.  Of course, Barry feels responsible for all of this and adds it to his bucket list of things to do.

The Acting

As far as the acting goes. This episode belongs to Sendhil Ramamurthy who has been doing a fantastic job of showing us Ramsey’s descent into madness. I could totally empathize because given how much procrastination was happening in this episode. I was very much on the same page as him.


This was subpar for me in that it felt very much like a placeholder when it comes to the Crisis storyline. I got to a point where I was on the verge of switching off with all the procrastination. Fair enough that there would be some emotional fallout from the revelation that your friend is going to die and there’s nothing you can do, but life still has to move on and so does the plot of this series.

The saving grace was Ramsey’s descent into utter madness. The scene where he tested the Star Labs cure for his malady was acted out brilliantly. I just love seeing Ramamurthy when he breaks bad into becoming utterly bonkers in any given role. But this set a new standard.

Overall. A bit of a mixed bag with very little progression with regards to the Crisis storyline.

The Flash - There Will Be Blood
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