In Review: The Flash – The Wrath Of Savitar

Wally is having visions of Savitar and is not telling the team and a deadly secret threatens Barry and Iris.

Synopsis: Wally is having visions of Savitar and is not telling the team and a deadly secret threatens Barry and Iris.

Review: Picking up a few days after from where things left off last week. Wally is training with Barry and Jesse and his visions of Savitar are getting more frequent.

It is only when Wally has one of these visions midway through training that Wally is forced to reveal that he has been having them.

At that point its all hands to the deck as the team starts to investigate why Wally is suddenly having these visions and if it is the start of Savitar trying to get out of the speed force.

There is some good news though. Barry and Iris announce their plans to marry, but we later learn that Barry only proposed because in the future when Savitar kills Iris. She is not wearing a ring.  The sudden proposal to Iris upsets Joe because Joe would have liked it has Barry asked his blessing first. More out of a sense of tradition than anything else.

In order to find out what Savitar is planning Barry and the team talk Julian Albert into linking up with Savitar again via their gadget. Savitar threatens Barry and says he will take everything from him.

Thinking that they are relatively safe from Savitar because the philosophers stone was thrown into the speed force. We find out this was not the case. Caitlin reveals that she kept a little piece in hopes of using it to remove her killer frost side.

As things develop further. Wally makes a stab at getting into the speed force only to be pulled into it allowing Savitar to switch places with him. Savitar is now out and on the loose and he doesn’t want a bowl of cheerios. He wants Barry to suffer.

As the episode draws to a close. Barry and Savitar are having one hell of a battle, which will most likely overlap into next week.

This was a fantastic episode with a lot of great action and drama. It will be interesting to see how this all develops and how Flash and the team will managed to get Wally back.

The Flash - The Wrath Of Savitar
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