In Review: The Flash – The Exorcism of Nash Wells

The Flash takes on a dangerous new meta named Sunshine. Cisco sets out to help Nash.

Synopsis: The Flash takes on a dangerous new meta named Sunshine. Cisco sets out to help Nash.

The Story

Eva tasks Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla with going after a device she created called the Prismatic Reflector. But it seems that Eva’s husband is also after the device and has hired a deadly metahuman called Sunshine to retrieve the item. As opposed to taking on the Meta. Mirror Iris leaves it up to The Flash, but Killer Frost comes in his place because Barry needs to conserve what little he has of the speed force. In order to catch Sunshine Barry must resort to his knowledge of science in order to catch her and keep the prismatic reflector safe in the process. While Mirror Iris looks for a good opportunity to steal it amid all the confusion.

Meanwhile, at Starlabs Cisco has figured out that Nash Wells is carrying around the brain waves of all the wells from all of the alternate universes. Nash is also wracked with guilt and remorse over the loss of  Maya who was Allegra’s double from his universe and his partner in archeologic adventuring. We learn that Reverse-Flash is using Nash’s negative emotions as a means for him to completely take over Nash’s body and reconnect with the negative speed force. Luckily for Nash Cisco and Barry with help from Cecile figure out a way to stop reverse Flash using the same technology that they used to defeat The Thinker.

The Acting

Tom Cavanagh puts in an incredible performance in this episode as he gives us The Reverse-Flash turned up to 11 on the evil scale. His scenes as the villain are damn good especially during the scenes where he is trying to manipulate Nash into just giving up. The scene between Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Nash where Cisco is trying to help Nash confront his grief was brilliantly played out.


A really solid episode, which finally made Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells into a relatable character and will hopefully keep him on the team for future episodes. In so far as Eva and the mirror Iris and Kamilla plot. They really need to speed that along because it is getting a bit boring now. Plus it’s damn obvious that Joe suspects something ain’t right. Sunshine was a fun villain and I liked the fact that Barry had to use his brains as apposed to his speed in order to capture her.

Overall. A pretty good episode. Mostly thanks to the Nash Wells storyline.

The Flash - The Exorcism of Nash Wells
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