In Review: The Flash – The Elongated Knight Rises

The Trickster returns with some help from Prank

Synopsis: Barry is occupied with his first week in prison when a familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City, leaving Ralph to defend the innocent. Can Barry keep his optimism alive in his new circumstances?

Review: After last weeks serious trial episode. This week the series goes down a more comedic route as The Elongated Man gets to fill in the crime-fighting niche left by the absence of The Flash.  This goes pretty well, to begin with, but when Axel Walker aka Trickster breaks out of Iron Heights with some help from his mother Zoey Clark. Ralph’s stretchy alter ego comes up against his first real challenge.

Back in Iron Heights Barry is slowly beginning to adapt to Prison life and makes a friend in the form of Dave. An inmate that was helped by Barry’s father.

Back on the outside after having had his first run-in with Trickster. The Elongated Man is beginning to doubt his value as a Superhero and goes to Barry for a pep talk.

Sadly we have no Mark Hamill in this episode, but we do get Corinne Bohrer reprising Zoey Clarke aka Prank. Bohrer has no issue reprising the role and is able to channel Prank in such a way that you’d not think it was 28 years since she last played the role. 

Overall. This was a fun episode that gives us a look at Elongated Man and more of his abilities as well as his weakness. Hartley Sawyer continues to bring a comedic performance in the role and gets a lot of great stuff to do with the role. That said the corny nature of his dialogue toward the close of the episode did begin to wear a bit thin and was a bit of a stretch. Hopefully, Barry will not be in Jail for too long. 

It was great to see Corinne Bohrer reprise Prank and as one of the small group of people that enjoyed the 1990’s Flash series. I’d love to see an episode where Mark Hamill reprises Trickster and breaks Prank out of jail.

The Flash - The Elongated Knight Rises
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