In Review: The Flash – Success Is Assured

A fairly good finale when you consider the circumstances and challenges faced by cast and crew.

Synopsis: The Flash and his team consider a risky plan to save Iris from the Mirrorverse.


The Story

Berry and Team Flash consider a risky plan to try and save Iris, but things quickly change when Eva McCulloch seems to be several steps ahead of them and they are forced to make a bargain with Joseph Carver who happens to be top on Eva’s to kill list. Eva is not the only person that wants Carver dead. Sue Dearbon is also on the hunt and has gone so far as to do a deal with the devil himself in order to get nice and close.

On the other side of the Mirrorverse Iris believes she is beginning to acclimate to the environment and is beginning to exhibit similar powers to Eva.

Back in the normal universe The Flash fails to protect Joseph Carver from his wife and finds himself in what amounts to a no-win scenario as his speed force is rapidly failing. What will become of Iris? Will Caitlin and Frost return to normal? Can Barry find a way to get his speed back? Rescue Iris and defeat Eva? To find out. We’ll have to tune in next year. As sadly due to a deadly virus that is worse than one of Ming the Merciless’s death rays. We’ll have to wait until next year for season 7 to see how this story arc will conclude.


The Acting

All the principal cast members truly shined in this episode, much like they do most weeks, but for me, it was Patrick Sabongui who put in a solid performance as the Mirrorverse version of Police Chief David Singh. We get a couple of great scenes where we see the real consciousness of the chief trying to push through when Barry tries to talk him round.

We also get a great performance from Efrat Dor who consolidates her power base as Evil Eva who pretty much gets what she wants.



We get some great battles in this episode as Nash, Elongated Man, and Allegra take on Dr. Light, Sunshine, and Ultraviolet while Barry is busy trying to help Carver. The acting performances were solid, and it was nice to see Allegra become more a part of the team, but I can’t help but feel that some of the story beats were rushed, which would be slightly forgivable given the current situation.

Overall. A fairly good finale when you consider the circumstances and challenges faced by cast and crew.

The Flash - Success Is Assured
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