In Review: The Flash – Subject 9

Barry meets a powerful woman whose gifts may aid him in his battle with DeVoe.

Synopsis: Barry meets a powerful woman whose gifts may aid him in his battle with DeVoe. Meanwhile, after learning that DeVoe is targeting everyone who was on the bus. Harry offers to help Cecile.

Review: The team is continuing its mission to try and locate passengers from the bus and come across a country music singer and fiddler Izzy Bowen who has the power to manipulate and weaponize soundwaves. When she manages to hurt DeVoe. Barry and the team try to train her.

Making matters a little more complicated. Ralph falls in love with Izzy and becomes rather protective of her.

Elsewhere Harry winds up helping Cecile with a device that can prevent her from picking up on Joe’s dreams, which are keeping her awake thanks to the fact that she is able to read minds. As fate would have it Harry figures out that the device might help the team in their fight against DeVoe.

Miranda MacDougall puts in a nice performance as Izzy and the relationship that forms between Izzy and Ralph is kind of sweet and offered a bit of character growth for Ralph. 

The battle sequences between the team and the Thinker who is after Izzy because he needs a new body to host his meta powers and incredible mind really goes to town with the team. You begin to doubt if the team will ever manage to defeat DeVoe, but they do figure out how to track DeVoe by the close of the episode.

Overall. This was a pretty strong episode for The Flash to return on. The goofy humor that has been so much a part of the early part of this season is played down a little now as we get to the proper meat and potatoes of the season arc. We get a nice call back to last years episode concerning Savitar, which is where we first learn of Harry’s device that they used on DeVoe. And the scenes with Harry trying to help Cecile are kind of fun.

With only three more metahumans from the bus to find. You have to wonder how many more DeVoe will get to before team Flash and just how will they manage to defeat him.

The Flash - Subject 9
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