IN REVIEW: THE FLASH – So Long and Goodnight

Black Hole employs the services of Rag Doll in order to put a hit out on Joe. 

Synopsis:  In this episode of ‘The Flash’ Black Hole employs the services of Rag Doll in order to put a hit out on Joe.

The Story

Black Hole aka Joseph Carver puts a hit out on Joe West, which is a job that Rag Doll is more than happy to do. Meanwhile, despite his life being in danger, Joe becomes obsessed with trying to nail Carver, which makes him a very easy target, but also makes things difficult for The Flash who is trying to preserve what little of the speed force he has left.  Elsewhere in on the other side of the Mirror Iris thinks she has figured out a way to escape and tells Eva about her plan and reveals that Barry Allen is really the Flash. Eva now armed with this information contacts Mirror Iris and tells her to manipulate things so that Barry uses all he has left of his speed.

Meanwhile, while investigating a case with some help from Cisco. Ralph has another encounter with Sue Dearbon and learns that she is also after Carver.


The Acting

Jesse L. Martin brings his A-Game to the fore as we get to see Joe go into full-on obsession as he does everything he can to try and get Carver. There’s a great scene toward the close of the episode in which Joe confronts Carver and realizes that bringing him down is going to take a whole lot more than just old fashioned police work. Eric Nenninger goes full-on Bond villain in this scene because he knows full well that Joe cannot touch him.



A pretty solid episode, which connects a few of the dangling plot threads together. Ragdoll was as creepy and awesome as ever and for my money is one of the best Villains that we have seen on The Flash. The battle between The Flash and Ragdoll was really done well and made that much better by the fact that Barry is having to conserve what little speed he has left. By the close of the episode, we get to see Eva make her move against Carver via very special delivery and we also learn that she has one other Mirror Spy working for her.

At this point. It’s difficult to see how Team Flash will be able to get the better of Carver. I have to wonder if some sort of deal will be made to bring Eva and Sue Dearbon onto the team in order to help them catch him. Because The Flash not having his powers means that the team may have to take a few chances that they wouldn’t do otherwise.

THE FLASH – So Long and Goodnight
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