In Review: The Flash Season 6 Premiere “Into the Void”

If "Into the Void" was an indication of what season 6 has in store for fans, it should be a wild, fun and action packed sixth season!

The Story

Fans of the CW’s Flash series can finally rejoice as the season 6 premiere aired on Tuesday night, October 8th. The episode entitled “Into the Void” dealt in large part with Barry (Grant Gustin), and Iris (Candice Patton), dealing with their daughter Nora’s heroic yet tragic death, as played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. But the episode also featured some fun foreshadowing of the upcoming and much anticipated “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, with a great glimpse of the Controller.

While Nora’s absence has clearly affected Barry, Iris especially seems to be taking her future daughter’s death to heart. While both Barry and Iris know they will eventually meet and raise Nora once she is born, losing a child can never (even if not forever) be easy and it seems as if Nora’s absence might possibly even take a toll on Iris and Barry’s relationship as well.

On the one hand there clearly seems to be some dangerous and potentially nasty battles coming from Bloodwork as played by Sendhil Ramamurthy. Likewise, Dr. Ramsey Rosso’s relationship with Caitlin Snow, AKA Killer Frost, played by Danielle Panabaker, is already beginning to effect Star Labs favorite frosty scientist. Killer Frost’s new costume, coupled with Cailin’s issues dealing with unexplained bursts of Frost power were also fun to see.

We even saw a sudden and unexplained return of yet another version and meta-copy of Godspeed, who was easily defeated by the Flash, with Team Flash trying to figure out where the heck these Godspeed clones are coming from. Likewise, there was even a new metahuman named Chester, capable of generating black holes, which popped up throughout Central City, caused havoc, and threatened lives, before Flash as always saved the day as well as saving Chester from certain death.

The Acting

One of the best aspects of “Into the Void” was the episode’s focus on the personal stories and issues that all of Team Flash’s members are going through in their personal lives.

Of special note seemed to be the compelling emotional turbulence Iris is going through as she deals with the death of her future daughter, with Candice Patton deserving a nod for the raw emotions the viewer could easily feel through the screen.


While “Into the Void” seems to have been trying to set the stage for this season’s upcoming episodes, story arcs and villains, at times it all seemed to have hindered the episode, with the episode’s focus seeming to be in one too many places.

With that said, however, one very fun and climactic action sequence featured the Flash racing through Central City in his new costume, while dealing with Chester’s black holes, and all to the exquisite melody of Queen’sFlash Gordon” theme song. It was a fun surprise that most fans will more than likely have appreciated and enjoyed it.

So if this episode was an indication of what season 6 has in store for the fans, it should be a wild, fun and action packed ride.

The Flash Season 6 Premiere "Into the Void"
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