An opportunity presents itself for The Flash to end his lifelong battle with Reverse-Flash for good

Synopsis: In the conclusion to Armageddon. An opportunity presents itself for The Flash to end his lifelong battle with Reverse-Flash for good, but the payoff could be too much for Barry and team to handle. Meanwhile, Mia Queen drops in from the future looking to save a lost loved one, and she won’t let anything stand in her way.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. The Flash with some help from Damien Darhk has managed to put an end to the reverse flashpoint and prevent Armageddon. But the effect of the event has caused Reverse-Flash to gradually lose his powers. So he goes to The Flash for help. So, now Barry and team flash are faced with a dilemma. Do they let Reverse Flash die and not ever have to worry about him again or do they try for a more merciful approach. Of course, making the decision that bit more complicated is the arrival of Despero who says that they much let Reverse Flash die or face the consequences. 

Added to this is the arrival of Mia Smoak the future Green Arrow who has traveled back in time on a search for her brother William. Mia is also of the view that Reverse-Flash should die so he can never harm anyone again. But Team Flash must take the right path and not lower themselves to become as bad as their enemy. So instead an alternative plan is thought up, which kicks off a final battle between Flash and Despero.


The Acting

Katherine McNamara makes a welcome return to the Arrowverse and adds some interesting conflict to Team Arrow as her viewpoint on the fate of Reverse-Flash seems to be the dominant viewpoint among Team Flash until Joe has words with Barry and Iris.  Other than that her character is somewhat underutilized and only seems to serve as a means to an end insofar as she gets used as Despero’s pawn to distract Team Flash while Flash fights him.

We also get solid performances from Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thorn aka Reverse Flash and Tony Curran in his role of Despero. The scene where Barry asks Eobard what he’ll do if he does save him is pretty chilling. As is the scene at the end when Thorn completely loses his grip and is literally foaming at the mouth about what Barry has done to him.

Added to all of this is a great performance from Neal McDonough who gets a rather nice redemption arc for Damien Darhk. I really enjoyed the scene he has at the end of the episode where he and Joe talk about how becoming a father has made them into better people. 



Armageddon concludes and wraps up the story arc, but doesn’t quite manage to achieve the job of being as epic an event as the previous crossover shows have. Indeed, it has its moments. For much of the time. It felt like the heroes popping in from the other shows were only there to serve as mere plot devices and I would have liked to have seen them have more input from them. How mia was used in this episode is an example of that. In that, she seemed to be just there so Despero could take over her mind for a little while and use her against team flash. Though admittedly, she did get some information at the end to help her with her mission to find William, but will we ever get to see her achieve that goal?

Overall. Not bad, but not great either.

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