Damien Darhk offers advice to Barry but there is a catch. 

Synopsis: In this episode of Armageddon. Barry is shocked when Eobard Thawne returns in the most unexpected way, and with a tie to a loved one. Damien Darhk offers advice to Barry but there is a catch.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Barry has traveled to the future and found that Eobard Thorn has pretty much taken over his entire life via the use of a Reverse Flashpoint. Struggling to find allies because the entirety of Team Flash is now supporting Eobard because they believe him to be the Flash. Barry is forced to embrace his new role as Reverse Flash and team up with Damien Darhk in an effort to repair the timeline. Further complicating matters is the fact that Batwoman, Sentinel, and Ryan Choi have joined Team Flash in the fight against him.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Barry realizes that the only way to save his timeline could potentially mean the Armageddon that he is trying to prevent.


The Acting

This episode pretty much belongs to Tom Cavanagh and Neal McDonough who put in show-stealing performances. Cavanagh in his role of Eobard Thorn AKA the fake Flash has some interesting chemistry with Team Flash and the relationship he has with Iris felt quite believable. Even though it was the result of Reverse Flashpoint. Batwoman and the added characters felt somewhat underused given that they only seemed to be there to beat up Barry at the start of the episode and provide some soap opera-type moments.  The bulk of the heavy lifting insofar of advancing the plot was done by Grant Gustin and his interactions with McDonough. While Cavanagh pretty much led Team Flash.

That said. I did quite enjoy the interplay between McDonough and Gustin when they started to properly work together.



This penultimate episode pretty much gets its job done in terms of setting events in motion for next week’s concluding episode. But the added cross-over elements from the rest of the Arrowverse didn’t really feel all that important in terms of the story. In that, you could have told the same story by just utilizing the show’s regular cast members.

Overall. It’s an okay episode, but not that great either. I think these crossover events are beginning to lose their shine.

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