In Review: The Flash (S7 – Ep7) Growing Pains

When a mysterious ice-powered enemy frames Frost for a brutal crime, she must find a way to clear her name.
Growing Pains

Synopsis: In ‘Growing Pains’.  When a mysterious ice-powered enemy frames Frost for a brutal crime, she must find a way to clear her name. Barry and Iris have a surprise houseguest, and Joe continues to deal with Kristen Kramer.


The Story

Joe continues to try and deal with a determined Kristen Kramer who is looking to go after Killer Frost for some crimes that she didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Frost with a little help from Alegra is trying to find out who has framed her.

Elsewhere, Barry is having some growing pains when it comes to dealing with the Speed Force aka Nora. Added to that is the fact that whenever he is in close proximity to her. His speed powers go on the fritz. Further complicating things is the fact that Speed Force naturally wants to help barry, but is proving to be more of a hindrance when it comes to her trying to help with ordinary day-to-day stuff.


The Acting

Grant Gustin and Michelle Harrison both put in solid performances as they get to do some pretty comical scenes as Flash and Speed Force try to work their differences out. However, this episode is all about Danielle Panabaker who puts in a fantastic performance as Frost who is out to try and prove her innocence, but by the end realizes that she has to own her past. The scenes between Frost and Chillblaine (Jon Cor) are a lot of fun. However, the fight scene felt a little tame when compared to what we have seen Frost do in the past.



Truth be told. What could have been a great episode landed as rather average. The final battle between Frost and Chillblaine felt somewhat anti-climatic and didn’t really deliver as much punch as you’d think it would. Especially given that you have two people with Frost powers going up against each other. But I guess the episode was perhaps more about Frost coming to terms with and owning her past. Which in a way is something she was kind of protected from when sharing a body with Caitlin Snow.


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The Flash (S7 - Ep7) Growing Pains
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