In Review: The Flash (S7 -Ep5) Fear Me

In 'Fear Me' a powerful new villain, Psych, channels and amplifies everyone’s fears in order to wreak havoc on Central City.
Fear Me

Synopsis: In ‘Fear Me’ a powerful new villain, Psych, channels and amplifies everyone’s fears in order to wreak havoc on Central City. Barry realizes, with Cecile’s help, that he must face his own worst fear in order to beat this new threat.


The Story

Having barely recovered from his run-in with the new meta Fuerza in last week’s show. Barry and the team get a rude awakening when a new meta called Psych comes on the scene. This Psych is able to amplify people’s fears to a point where it goes beyond a panic attack. Which makes Fuerza seem like a warm-up. Added to this is the fact that an older and bizarrely white version of Nora Allen drops into Starlabs after having battled both Fuerza and Psych. We get a slight reference to Nora’s change of appearance, later on. But am sure it will get further explained in subsequent episodes.

Pretty much most of the story deals with Barry and Cecile’s emotional states as the two try to deal with Psych in both a direct and indirect sense. We get some interesting drama from the fact that Caitlin Snow and Frost are now separate entities. Which is briefly explained as something to do with their RNA and DNA somehow being separated. Suffice to say Frost wants to remain separate whereas Caitlin wants Frost back in her head again. Maybe she should try sucking on a sentient ice cube maybe. Just a thought.

The problem with Psych gets resolved by the conclusion thanks to Cecile’s powers getting a little bump from the use of The Thinker’s chair. However, the fights with Psych have had an adverse effect on Barry. So by the close of the episode. It seems to be Cisco that is running the show with input from Nora.

As to Fuerza. She and her whereabouts remain a mystery and is likely just a piece of the mystery surrounding this year’s big bad.


The Acting

‘Fear Me’ has some great acting performances from the entire cast. But it is Danielle Nicolet as Cecile that stood out. In the episode, Cecile was given quite a lot to do and she carried it off well. In the initial scene when she turns up at Starlabs to speak with Barry (Grant Gustin). We see that she is feeling the fears of people rather viscerally and intensely. I also like the fact that Cecile is rather humble about her empathic abilities. Even when it is her particular gift that actually solved this week’s problem.

This was also a great episode for Danielle Panabaker in which she finally gets to play both her roles in the same scene together. I loved the conversation that Caitlin and Frost have after Frost is attacked by Psych and sees her greatest fear. In fact, one of the best things to happen for this series is the introduction of Frost and the relationships she has formed with the team. Finally getting to see Frost and Caitlin share scenes together is great. Especially given that they have been time sharing the same body for the last couple of years.



This isn’t a bad episode. But it isn’t the greatest either. It is obviously building toward something bigger. But I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed that Cecile in combination with the Thinkers chair combined with Barry’s courage was able to stop Psych so easily. I quite enjoyed him as a villain. I loved the Freddie Krueger aspect of him.

Overall. ‘Fear Me’ is just a piece of this year’s puzzle. As to how substantial of a piece as yet remains to be seen. But I suspect it’s a pretty big deal due to the fact that we have a radically older and much different-looking version of Nora Allen on the scene. And she looks nothing like either her mother or father.

The Flash (S7 -Ep5) Fear Me
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