In Review: The Flash (S7 – EP18) Heart of The Matter, Part 2

The Flash enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris and his children from the future - Bart and Nora West-Allen

Synopsis: In Part 2 of ‘Heart of The Matter’. The Flash enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris and his children from the future – Bart and Nora West-Allen – to end the speedster war and defeat a deadly new adversary.


The Story

Picking up moments from where last week left off. Barry has come face to face with August Heart having connected with his mind via a piece of technology. Simply put August is pretty much trapped due to the fact that the Godspeed Clones absorbed all of his speed. So, August basically wants Barry to give him natural speed. Of course, Barry is not keen on that idea and severs the connection and gathers all the Speedsters together for a last-ditch attempt to stop the Godspeeds.

Meanwhile, The Godspeed war continues and Joe and Detective Kramer are caught in the middle. However, Kramer’s power manifests just in the nick of time and she is able to save Joe from certain death.


The Acting

Karan Oberoi puts in a great performance as August Heart. His scenes at the start of the episode where he gives The Flash (Grant Gustin) an ultimatum is brilliant. The level of intensity between the two actors was great.

John Wesley Shipp also shines as a renewed Jay Garrick. I really enjoyed the scene in which he holds Bart (Jordan Fisher) back from going after Barry when it looks like he is losing the fight. Fisher also puts on a great performance at the close of the story when he sings his on-screen mum and dad a song at their second wedding, which is supposedly the best sequel since ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. Sorry, but I ain’t convinced.



This was a satisfying, but somewhat rushed end to what has been a bit of a difficult season for the series with all the Covid restrictions that have been in place. I felt the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend part of the story made sense, but I’d have liked to have seen a bit of discussion about bringing Reverse Flash back. Especially given the effort it took to get rid of him. But overall a pretty good season finale, which actually tied things up storywise,  which is rather unusual. But my guess is that season 8 is probably going to be the greatest hits album in terms of The Flash’s various enemies that can no be brought back.

The Flash (S7 - EP18) Heart of The Matter, Part 2
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