In Review: The Flash (S7 EP16) P.O.W.

John Diggle arrives in Central City with a weapon to help Barry stop the Godspeed War.

Synopsis: In P.O.W. John Diggle arrives in Central City with a weapon to help Barry stop the Godspeed War. Allegra and Ultraviolet’s new bond is put to the ultimate test. Joe and Kristen Kramer are hunted by a former colleague of hers.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Barry and his team are caught in the middle of a war between two factions of Godspeed. In order to find out what they want. The team needs to try and capture a Godspeed, which is no easy task. So, it is rather fortunate that they get a visit from John Diggle who has brought a means of capturing speedsters. He has brought something called an Entropy Trap. Which is a new invention from Cisco. But first, the team needs to figure out a way to lure a Godspeed into it. Which means they will need some help from Diggle. But what is ailing the former member of Team Arrow? Added to all of this is Barry worrying about Iris and his future family.

Elsewhere, Kristen Kramer and Joe are being hunted by a former soldier who served under her. But is Kramer who she claims to be?


The Acting

P.O.W. sees the return David Ramsey as John Diggle to the Arrowverse, but it is sadly only a passing visit. However, he has some good moments in this episode and has quite a few scenes with Cecile (Danielle Nicolet). Apparently, Diggle has been resisting putting on the Green Lantern ring, which he found at the close of the ‘Arrow’ series. We get a fun scene where Cecile uses her empathic powers to link with Diggle while he is having an attack just prior to them setting off to find August Heart (The Original Godspeed).

We also get a guest stint from Christian Magby who reprises his role of Deon Owens the Still Force. However, this time round he is helping Barry out by protecting Iris who is apparently suffering from some weird time travel thing.



P.O.W. does a good job of continuing last week’s story and also adds a fair bit to it. For example, we now know that the two armies of Godspeeds are after the same target. We also get a rather sad resolution to the storyline concerning Allegra and her sister Ultraviolet, which truth be told felt a little rushed.

Overall. This was a pretty solid episode, but I felt that there was maybe a little too much going on with them running three plots simultaneously. It may have worked better if the writers had just focused on the main Godspeed story and perhaps the Allegra and Ultraviolet stories and perhaps dropped the Joe and Kramer stuff. Because I feel the episode suffered because a little too much was going on.

The Flash (S7 EP16) P.O.W.
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