In Review: The Flash (S7 – EP14) Rayo de Luz

When Ultraviolet returns to Central City, Allegra is determined to find her cousin and change her heart.
Rayo de Luz

Synopsis: In ‘Rayo de Luz’. When Ultraviolet returns to Central City, Allegra is determined to find her cousin and change her heart. Joe finds evidence that Kristen Kramer may not be the good cop she appears to be.


The Story

Ultraviolet has returned to Central City and she is on a mission to find and execute the Doctor who took her voice. Of course, Allegra being Ultravoilet’s cousin has other plans and recruits Chester and Sue Dearbon’s help. Indeed, Allegra is set on going all out to help her cousin find balance again. But first, they must track down the fiendish Doctor Foley who experimented on Ultraviolet.

Meanwhile, Joe finds some evidence, which could make life very difficult for Kristen Kramer. However, when he learns her side of the story. He decides to try and help her.


The Acting

With Barry Allen and Iris on their vacation for this episode. The supporting cast of heroes takes center stage. Kayla Compton puts in a solid performance as a very determined Allegra who will do what needs to be done to get her cousin back. She is wonderfully backed up by Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue Dearbon who looks to be sticking around for a while. Alexa Barajas is brilliant as Ultraviolet while Jonathon Young puts in a great but all too brief performance as Dr. Olsen.



‘Rayo de Luz’ makes for a fairly good filler episode, which provides a lot of character development for Allegra and Chester P. Runk. But also gives us a bit of an origin story for Ultraviolet. However, it’s kind of sad that we could not see that origin story done in flashbacks to help emphasize how much a nasty piece of work Dr. Olsen was. My guess is the flashback sequences alone would have used up too much of the show’s budget. Which is a shame.

Overall. A great episode for Allegra who proves fairly capable of holding down the fort while Barry and Iris play away.

The Flash (S7 - EP14) Rayo de Luz
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