In Review: The Flash (S7 – EP11) Family Matters, Part 2

Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City.
Family Matters

Synopsis: In part 2 of ‘Family Matters’. Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City.


The Story

Picking up from last week. Nora/The Speedforce attempted to kill Iris, The Strength Force, and Sage Force all in one go. But we soon learn that Sage Force aka Psyche used an illusion to trick Speedforce into thinking she’d successfully killed them. In order to try and protect their children. Barry and Iris hide Sage Force and Strength Force at the home in which they were brought up. Iris stays with Sage and Strength while Barry goes off in search of The Still Force.

While all of this is happening. There is a major storm hitting Central City and a lot of the meta-criminals from Iron Heights have escaped. This includes Frost who is using her freedom to recapture escaped meta’s. Meanwhile, Barry is trying to figure out what is causing the storm. He is shocked to learn that it is being caused by the different forces fighting each other. So, now he has to figure out a way to bring his family together while simultaneously trying to stop a reverse big bang.


The Acting

Michelle Harrison absolutely knocks it out of the park in her role of Nora/The Speed Force. I loved a majority of her scenes, but by far the best was near the end of the episode when the other forces of nature show her a possible future in which nothing and no one lives. The episode is titled ‘Family Matters’ and in this instance, it was about Nora/ The Speed Force learning to accept the other three forces that Barry and  Iris had created as her family. Indeed the other three forces also had to accept each other as well.

We also get great performances from Sara Garcia, Ennis Esmer, and Christian Magby as the three new forces. The scene with Psyche and Alex beginning to work together in order to get away from Iris was nicely done. As was the final scene of them all coming together.



This proves to be a bit of an improvement over last week. As it concludes the mini-story arc with regards to the various forces. But I still think it was stretched out a little too long.

With just seven episodes left until the end of the current season. There isn’t probably too much clearing up to do other than to create the exit storyline for Cisco and Kamilla and maybe look at what Joe’s future career prospects are. So, I’d imagine that we may well be seeing a few villains of the week episodes or a seven-episode mini-arc to build up to some of the big plans that are in the works for season 8.

The Flash (S7 - EP11) Family Matters, Part 2
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