In Review: The Flash – Run, Iris, Run

Iris becomes a Speedster thanks to a freak DNA mishap.

Synopsis: Team Flash confront a new bus meta, Matthew aka Melting Pot. He has the ability to swap peoples DNA, so during a battle with Team Flash, he transfers Barry’s super speed to Iris. Now, with a new threat unleashed on Central City, Barry must act as the team leader while Iris takes on the mantle of superhero speedster in order to defeat their new foe.

Review: This episode really might have worked better had it gone out last week given that it had a very girl power vibe to it. The premise is fairly straightforward. When Flash comes to Iris and Joes rescue from Melting Pot. The new meta who helped prevent a bank robbery accidentally gives Iris Barry’s powers. Which means that Barry has to take a back seat while Iris fills in for him.

Over the course of the episode. Iris gains an appreciation for the amount of work and training that comes with being a Speedster while Barry struggles to give her direction on how to do what has come so naturally to him. Things such as phasing through solid objects.

Ralph Dibny also has a crisis of confidence and refuses to leave star labs, but after seeing how Iris deals with things he is eventually talked around and begins to help the team again.

The big breakthrough in this episode is the creation of a thinking cap, which helps the team figure out who the remaining two bus meta’s are.

Overall. This was a fun episode, which kind of brings Iris full circle. There’s a great scene in which Iris confides to Barry about how fearless she was when she was a reporter. It’s a scene that gets some nice pay off by the end of the episode and I’m hoping that it leads Iris into going back into journalism because I have always felt that her character was strongest when she was a crusading reporter.

The Flash - Run, Iris, Run
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