In Review: The Flash – Pay the Piper

The Flash and his team take on Godspeed and turn to an unlikely ally for help

Synopsis: The Flash and his team take on Godspeed and turn to an unlikely ally for help.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Barry is in a bad place and has given up hope. This episode starts with Barry visiting Joe who is in witness protection and it seems that not even Joe can help him find the answers. As he returns to Starlabs Barry’s mood seems to have spread thanks to Cisco learning that Kamilla has also been taken by Eva to the mirrorverse. Things get worse, however, when Godspeed turns up and attacks Barry because he wants to take all of The Flash’s speed. Luckily Nash is able to see Godspeed off with some new sonic weapon he has come up with.

Now Barry and Cisco have to come up with a way to stop Godspeed, but the only chance they have lies in the hands of the Pied Piper, who is also known as Hartley Rathaway. The trouble is. In the post crises world. Rathaway and The Flash are enemies, but the reason for them being enemies will prove to be a key factor in not only helping defeat Godspeed but also help restore faith and hope in the hearts of team flash.


The Acting

This episode is pretty much somber most the way through as we see pretty much every member of Team Flash at perhaps the lowest ebb we have ever seen them. Even Cisco’s plucky optimism is gone and boy doesn’t Carlos Valdes sell it. The scene where he is talking about how great he was as Vibe and how inadequate he feels without his meta powers was brilliant. Danielle Nicolet does a great job as Cecille who by default is filling in for Joe as Barry and Cisco’s sounding board and general emotional support, which she just about manages, but not quite as effectively as Joe.

I also rather enjoyed Andy Mientus’s performance as Rathaway and the arrogant and smart assed way in which talks to Cisco and the people at Star labs. The storyline concerning Rathaway’s boyfriend was effective and proved to be a great way of bringing Flash and Pied Piper together for the mission and made for a great moment at the close where Rathaway offers up some sage advice to Barry.



This was a pretty good episode although rather somber for the most part as it seems that just about everyone has given up on life and is about to be sucked into a vacuum. This do come to life though when Pied Piper comes to the party with some proper sarcasm.

We get treated to a fantastic race between Flash and Godspeed, which sort of ends up with Pied Piper and Flash using the old ghostbusters trick of crossing streams.

The end felt a tad rushed and the sudden burst of optimism at the close of the episode as the team begins to get its mojo back didn’t particularly feel as cautiously optimistic as perhaps it should do. But hey at least Cisco has a plan now. It involves a trip to Atlantis, which I doubt we’ll get to see, but its a plan.

Overall. A slow start, a pretty good middle, and a rather rushed ending.

The Flash - Pay the Piper
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