In Review: The Flash – Paradox

Barry realises the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought.

Synopsis: Barry realises the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought. Meanwhile, Barry meets new co-worker Julian Albert and is surprised by Julian’s immediate distain for him.

Review: Barry comes to the realisation that his creation of Flashpoint and the fact that he tried to put things right have created a paradox.

His team of friends are no longer the same. Iris and Joe West are still at odds with each other and Cisco is grieving the death of his brother and not his normal wise cracking self.

In regards to new people in his life. Barry now has to share an office with fellow forensic scientist Julian Albert, but for some reason Julian does not like Barry.

Outside of his personal life Barry finds himself having to do battle with The Rival again thanks to the fact that a new meta human names Alchemy is restoring powers to those who were meta humans in the Flashpoint alternate time line.

It isn’t really until The Golden Age Flash intervenes that Barry realises the damage he has done and begins to realise that he can not change things back to how they once were. flashpoint-paradox

We get a great guest appearance from John Wesley Ship who gets to don the Flash costume again for his new recurring role of Golden Age Flash aka Jay Garrick. His scene with Barry is pretty much the moment that things begin to unravel. It will be fun to see more of Jay Garrick in the weeks ahead and hopefully we will.

Finally a mention should go to Tom Felton who was really good value as the geeky Julian Albert. It be fun to watch how his working relationship with Barry evolves over the coming season.

In terms of questions. We’re left with a few. But the main one is what does Alchemy want and why is he restoring meta humans from Flashpoint.

No Dr. Harrison Wells in the series yet. I really hope they bring him back.

The Flash - Paradox
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