In Review: The Flash – Mixed Signals

Barry deals with the ramifications of abandoning Iris while facing a meta who can control technology.

Synopsis: Barry deals with the ramifications of abandoning Iris while facing a meta who can control technology.

Review: Barry has to deal with both the ramifications of leaving Iris for six months as well as some new technology in his Flash suit. Meanwhile, Cisco has some relationship issues to sort of his own with Gypsie, but work keeps getting in the way. And if all that isn’t enough. The team has to deal with a new Meta-Human that has the ability to link with technology and act like a hybrid organic and technological virus.

This was a fun episode and saw Barry having to sort of slow himself down in order to better communicate with Iris. The scenes where they both seek help from a counselor were fun, but not really needed given that they’d have found their way to the same conclusion anyway. Running parallel with this was Cisco and his relationship issues with Gypsie.

The villain this week was pretty fun. It’s an interesting notion that someone can become in sync with technology so much that they can fuse their organic self with technology to create a virus. It’s a scary prospect. Kilgore’s motive for trying to kill his former partners was understandable given they got rich with his idea and pretty much left him with nothing.

I love the new technology in Barry’s new Flash suit and how that came back to bite team Flash on the butt thanks to Kilgore. Also, the way in which it was all resolved was a great moment for Barry and Iris’s relationship. Hopefully, Cisco has taken note and removed all the technology from the suit by the time next weeks episode comes by.

We learn something interesting in that Kilgore became a Meta before the accident at Star Labs that created Flash and the other metahumans. What is more fun is the fact that The Thinker appears to be trying to bring them all together, which would suggest that he is one of them.

We’re still left wondering what all the symbols were that Barry was scribbling down in last weeks episode and even more interesting is that some of them appeared on The Thinker and the dude in the Bar with Caitlin in last weeks episode has one of the symbols tattooed on his wrist. I also noticed some similar shapes in Kilgore’s code.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more next week.


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