In Review: The Flash – Luck Be A Lady

Team Flash have an epic run of bad luck.

Synopsis: A new meta called Hazard causes bad luck for Barry and the team, while Harry Wells returns to Earth-1 with a message for Wally from Jesse.

Review: This episode begins with The Thinker observing a young woman that is cursed with awful luck. He is talking to his assistant and making observations. The scene ends when we see her step onto a bus where we see Kilgore and several other passengers. A bright light envelops the bus.

The game is well and truly afoot with The Thinker and his arc and it appears that we are beginning to see some hints of what is to come.

This was a very comedic episode with a great performance from Sugar Lyn Beard who plays Becky Sharpe who we come to know as Hazzard. Seemingly she somehow got meta powers by getting on that bus and somehow the Thinker planned it all, but the question is how? It seems Becky’s bad luck is reversed to extraordinarily good luck thanks to her new powers but seems her luck has negative effects on everyone that comes within close proximity to her. 

Meanwhile Team Flash is having bad luck before they even encounter her. First off Wally gets some bad news delivered by Harry Wells who tells him with some difficulty that Jesse has chosen to end their relationship. Elsewhere Joe’s house is beginning to fall apart and if that isn’t bad enough. Several of Iris and Barry’s choice venues for their wedding has suddenly become unavailable.

Much of the comedy is based on the teams bad luck and how they handle it. Which is fun because it provides Harry with a problem to solve, which enables him to reintegrate into the team. Admittedly he solves the problem with a very lucky guess.

The performances are all well executed. I particularly enjoyed the bickering between Harry and Cisco and the eventual resolution where they eventually see reason. That said they always do bicker, which is all part of the fun.

Sad to see Wally sidelined. He had some nice character development in the second season but seems to have been pushed to the side for this year. I hope there is a reason for this later on in the season.

We get some great reveals as to how these new Meta-Humans have been created and it seems that Team Flash has a really sneaky enemy in The Thinker, who already has them all under surveillance. Given how little we have seen thus far. I can say that I am really enjoying Neil Sandilands portrayal of The Thinker and look forward to seeing how he develops. 

So two of the new Meta’s are known. Who are the other ten and how will they be introduced? I look forward to finding out.

The Flash - Luck Be A Lady
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