This week's 'The Flash' sees Barry having to take a closer look at his life with Iris. While Eva makes a bold move.

Synopsis: This week’s ‘The Flash’ sees Barry having to take a closer look at his life with Iris. While Eva makes a bold move.


The Story

After last week’s fight with Mirror Iris. Barry has obsessively been working on the device to create a Speed Force so that he can regain his full speed, but when it comes to testing it things do not go as planned. Out of concern for Barry. Cecile visits Starlabs and asks a discouraged Barry if there is any message that she can send to Iris. Barry somewhat grudgingly asks Cecile to tell Iris that he misses her.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Mirror. The real Iris is still trying to come up with a means of getting back into her own dimension and reconnecting with Barry, but when she reveals her idea Eva explodes with rage and says she is going to the lab to work on a plan that will succeed. Iris is still unaware that Eva is not who or what she appears to be, but gets suspicious after this incident and finds a button on the side of the mirror that Eva is able to control and pushes it.

Back in the real world. Barry has realized that Mirror Iris isn’t the real deal and sets about a plan to prove it to Cecile, Ralph and Nash. Unfortunately for him Eva has been aware of his every move and has foreseen his plan and equips Mirror Iris with the means to trick Barry’s friends into believing that he is the imposter. This turn of events allows time for the mirror versions of Iris, Police Chief David Singh, and Kamilla Hwang to get some blood from Dr. Ramsey Rosso, which Eva needs for her to be able to travel through the mirror for the next stage of her plan.



There were a few solid performances this week, but the one that really impressed me came from Candice Patton as she pretty much successfully pulled off playing two different versions of Iris. The mirror version, which truly showed its true colors and the real version. It was her performance as the mirror version that was particularly good as we got to see a nastier and more vindictive side to her as she pretty much winds up being Eva’s instrument with which she punishes Barry with a lot of cuts.

For his part in proceedings. Grant Gustin got to play a much more vulnerable and isolated version of Barry Allen and the scene at the close of the episode where Barry and Iris are on either side of the mirror rather sappy, but also quite poignant given what they have both been through.



This was a rather different episode in that there was no villain of the week for Barry to fight. So we got no scenes of him suiting up as The Flash. The real heroics came from Barry’s final scene with the mirror version of Iris. She has pretty much damn near butchered him. Yet he still has the belief in his convictions to acknowledge that a part of his wife has to exist in the mirror Iris. This revelation gives the mirror Iris the love she was seeking, but it also sees Eva pull the plug on mirror Iris because she no longer has any control over her.

We also got a little bit of B-Story in which Cisco finds Caitlin who is really sick from an ice wound. We’re most likely going to see how Cisco sorts that in next week’s show as they decide to go see Caitlin’s mum for help.

Overall. A pretty solid episode, which finally advanced the plot involving Eva McCulloch to a point where it has picked up some momentum.

THE FLASH – Liberation
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