In Review: The Flash – King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd

When Gorilla Grodd attacks Central City, Barry and friends find themselves teaming up with King Shark

Synopsis: When Gorilla Grodd attacks Central City, Barry and friends find themselves teaming up with King Shark; when they hit a snag, they bring in Dr. Tanya Lamden to try to reach the man behind the shark.

Review: It’s time for a Monster Battle on this week’s Flash.

The Story

Having come up with the cure for Meta-Human’s Cisco needs a subject to test it on. So the team approach A.R.G.U.S. with a view to testing it on King Shark, but in order to do so and remain ethical about it. The team needs to ask if he’d be willing to be their test subject.

Things seem to initially go pretty well thanks to a device that Dr. Tanya Lamden has created, which enables her to communicate with the human mind of King Shark, but when the link is disturbed via a psychic attack from Grodd. King Shark goes berserk, which forces Barry to go against ethics and inject him anyway.

Having successfully cured Killer Shark and returned him to the form of  Shay Lamden. The city is hit by a massive Psychic Attack. Having been unsuccessful in their attempts to subdue Grodd. The Flash and Nora need some much-needed help, which forces Shay to sacrifice his humanity for the greater good.

The Acting

We saw the welcome return of Jesse L. Martin as Joe West who gets some really nice father-daughter scenes to play out with Candice Patton in some of the episodes more quieter moments.

I also have to give a huge thumbs up to Zibby Allen and her portrayal of Tanya who has somewhat of a tragic love story to play out with Shay.


A really fun episode, which has a bit of romance, some comedy, and an epic monster battle for us to enjoy, which is beautifully choreographed with some fantastic CGI.

The Flash - King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd
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