In Review: The Flash – Killer Frost

The team is in for a shock as Caitlin is forced to reveal her Killer Frost powers - but she is not the only one with a secret.

Synopsis: The team is in for a shock as Caitlin is forced to reveal her Killer Frost powers – but she is not the only one with a secret.

Review: The Flash pretty much takes an almighty ass whooping off of Savitar and it is only the combined force of Caitlin as Killer Frost and Cisco’s Vibe that can stop the speed god and save The Flash from becoming liquidised sushi.

Back at Star labs having just about recovered from the beat down Barry and the gang try to figure out what to do about Wally who is in a chrysalis type thing. The scientific minds of Barry, Cisko and Caitlin try to figure out what to do about it and fear that opening the thing could kill Wally. Joe feels a bit useless so goes about getting some answers his own way. But unbeknown to him Caitlin who is losing control to her Killer Frost powers has followed him and interrupts his interrogation by saying Wally has awoken, which of course Joe falls for.

Caitlin uses her ice cold powers to try and extract some answers of her own. She wants to know how to find Alchemy because she believes he can remove the Killer Frost powers. To that end she kidnaps Julian Albert and forces him to track the remaining two followers of Alchemy. But Flash intervenes and manages to save Julian’s life by knocking him out, but before he and Frost can get into it properly the police barge in, but not before Frost can temporarily put Flash out of action by severing on of his tendons.

Unfortunately during their confrontation Caitlin revealed a few truths about Barry for all to hear and revealed that Cisco’s brother was still alive before Flashpoint and all the personal losses that the team has experiences are Barry’s fault. Obviously this makes the situation a bit tricky for both Cisko and Barry to work together, but they shelve the drama so they can catch Snow and successfully do so.

Meanwhile Joe is losing patients and enlists HR’s help to get Wally out of the cocoon he is in.  As they manage to prise the thing open Barry and Cisco burst in, but are to late. Wally emerges as Kid Flash, but is not fully in control and is speeding. Wally runs off before anyone can catch him. But basically it requires the skills of a bio chemist to sort the issue out and bring Wally back. This means that Barry is left with little choice but to free Caitlin and try and talk the Killer Frost side of her down in order to reach the scientist. He relies very much on the fact that Caitlin is his friend and uses her humanity to get through. After a tense stand off Caitlin regains control of her more rational self and concocts a drug that will help give Wally control of the newfound powers.

With Wally now safe and Caitlin back in control of her Frosty side. Barry has to go to the Hospital to try and convince Julian Albert not to report Caitlin. He succeeds, but at the cost of his job. Julian tells Barry that he’ll not give Caitlin up to the police, but in exchange Barry should quit his job at the CSI department because he cannot do the job right if he is flitting between his friendship’s and the pursuit of Justice. Barry reluctantly agrees and packs up his stuff.

As the Hospital Julian hears the voice of Savitar who tells him that he will serve as Alchemy. Which if am entirely honest is not that much of a surprise twist given that Tom Felton is kind of known for playing conflicted characters and villains. We all kind of knew this was coming. 

This episode was featured a brilliant performance by Danielle Panabaker who once again played the duel role of Caitlin and Killer Frost. 

The fight sequence at the start of the episode was pretty spectacular as we saw Savitar pretty much toss Flash about like a chew toy while hitting such speeds that he was appearing to be everywhere at once.

Overall this was a really cool episode to watch and the pay off with regards to the build up for Caitlin becoming Frost was really well executed.

We are left with a few niggling questions though. One being is Wally going to be fully in control of his powers or will Alchemy somehow get to him? And was Julian Albert Alchemy all along?



The Flash - Killer Frost
  • The Good: Opening Fight Sequence And Danielle Panabaker 's performance in a duel role
  • The Bad: Nothing really worth mentioning
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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