In Review: The Flash – Invasion!

The Crossover Event Begins.

Synopsis: Barry asks Green Arrow for help when aliens attack Central City, but when they realize that won’t be enough, they track down the Legends of Tomorrow so they can bring Supergirl in on the battle.

Review: The DC Crossover continues and elements from the ongoing Legends Of Tomorrow story arc involving The Flash from 40 years in the future and Flashpoint get addressed and make life tougher for Barry insofar as winning the trust of both the Legends and Team Arrow, which only adds to the huge guilt that Barry is carrying.

The one person that understands where Barry is at and is some comfort is Oliver.

But the mistrust causes the team to go off with Supergirl leading the charge. Only thing is the Dominators are ready and use their mind control in order to set the two teams and Supergirl onto both Arrow and The Flash. Luckily for them a side lined Kid Flash, who is not so willing to be side lined comes to their aid, which allows Barry some time to play a little cat and mouse with Supergirl in order to turn the transmitter that is causing the mind control off.

The episode ends with everyone being beamed somewhere, but as yet it is unclear where this is by The Dominators or some other force.

This episode is a lot of fun, but disappointingly side lined the newer members of Team Arrow and only really used Wally West as Kid Flash. I’d have been curious to see how Mad Dog and Rag Man would have handled themselves. Also Steel from the Legends Of Tomorrow team was absent.

The banter between the heroes was lots of fun. As Felicity pointed out in her role as the Geek gateway into the who thing, “Best Team Up Ever”, which in comics speak. Means Christmas has come early.

I loved how the Dominators were introduced and the initial stand off and I can’t wait to see where this goes next. What was a bit lacking though was more insight into the Dominators. All we really got was reference to the initial invasion in the 1950s and a brief bit from Supergirl about her family experience with them on Krypton.

It would have been cool to have maybe shortened some of the scenes in which Barry and Oliver were consoling each other and used a bit more time on The Dominators.

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The Flash - Invasion!
  • The Good: The Dominators
  • The Bad: Could have used a little less of the soapier moments and gave us more insight about the Dominators.
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