In Review: The Flash – Into The Speed Force

In an effort to rescue Wally and get answers about Savitar. Barry turns to the Speed Force for help.

Synopsis: In an effort to rescue Wally and get answers about Savitar. Barry turns to the Speed Force for help.

Review: Continuing from events in last weeks show. Barry heads into the speed force to rescue Kid Flash and return the team to full strength.  But as he goes deeper into the Speed Force Barry finds the the answers do not come as easily as they did when he last visited.

This episode was heavy handed in exposition as Barry has various conversations with characters from the shows past in relation to the here and now.

It really boiled down to Barry Allen having to take responsibility and be accountable for having messed up with Flash Point. But also be the one that saves Iris from Savitar in the future and not put that burden on the shoulders of Kid Flash.

Jesse Quick gets to have a stab at taking on Savitar in order to test a theory that had been dreamed up by Cisco, Julian and Caitlin with regard to tracking the speed god. This sees a brief confrontation between Jesse Quick and Savitar in which she finds a weakness. Savitar is human under the armour that he wears.

The scenes that take place in the Speed Force has some pretty solid CGI with regards to the speed phantoms that chase after Barry after each conversation. But what really sells it are the solid acting performances from Grant Gustin, Wentworth Miller, Robbie Amell, Rick Cosnett and John Wesley Shipp. I particularly enjoyed the opening scene in the Speed Force where Barry has a difficult conversation with Eddie Thawne. Difficult because Eddie was obviously Iris’s love interest during the whole of the shows first season.

I also enjoyed seeing John Wesley Shipp return as Jay Garrett the Earth 3 Flash or Golden Age Flash. It’s always fun to see Shipp as The Flash given his history with the character from the 1990’s version of the series, which was very different to the current show, which is probably a lot truer to the comic books.

So we learn that Savitar has a weakness. Which makes things interesting for the eventual season 3 finale, which is probably not to far away.

The Flash - Into The Speed Force
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