In Review: The Flash – Fury Rogue

The Flash gets a course in pop psychology from Leo Snart.

Synopsis: When Barry needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on an old friend for help – Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold. Meanwhile, Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry.

Review: Still dealing with the aftermath of losing Ralph Dibney. Barry must get over his own personal grief in order to effectively lead or risk losing everything.

The episode deals with a lot of the emotional baggage left over from last week and it also in doing so asks the question of whether emotions get in the way of intelligence and logic. And it is through both Harry and DeVoes storylines that this question gets explored.

In the episode, The Flash, Caitlin, Snart, and Joe go on a mission to escort Fallout to a secure facility. Fallout is the last of the meta’s that DeVoe wants, and Barry is determined to stop him from getting hold of him. However, DeVoe hasn’t calculated the fact that Barry would still be grieving the loss of Ralph, which throws a spanner in the works of what should have been his well-executed plan.

Wentworth Miller makes a welcome return as Leo Snart and aside from being the good guy. He also gets to help Barry work through his grief and successfully escort Fallout to a secure area. Sure there are a number of bumps along the way as you’d expect. One of which is Black Siren X from Leo Snarts Earth X. 

We also get some interesting developments concerning Harry and his thinking cap and find out the costs of his addiction to it. Namely the gradual loss of his intellect. This allows for Harry and Cisco to bond a little over finding a way to reverse the effects of it. Which is nice given that the two are normally at odds with each other.

We also get a hint that we may not have seen the last of Killer Frost. The post-it notes that Caitlin and Frost were leaving for each other has proved to be a nice development and it would be a shame if Frost is permanently out of the equation. Especially given that she has proved to be a great asset to the team and watching Danielle Panabaker play both roles has been a real joy. 

Overall. This episode does what it sets out to achieve. The cracks are beginning to show in DeVoe’s plans and I suspect his underestimation of human emotion. Especially where his wife’s feelings are concerned could well prove to be his undoing.

But the pacing of these last few episodes could well be the shows undoing in terms of its ability to continue to hold the interest of fans. The show is called The Flash, not The Crawl. While I appreciate good drama and the occasional comedy beat. I also like a bit of pacing and I felt this episode dragged a little and was a little too invested in Barry’s grief. Sure narratively it made sense in terms that it showed us The Thinkers Achilles heal as his inability to empathize, but there are easier ways to do that.

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