In Review: The Flash, Episode 39 “Trajectory”

A good, but not great, episode. Someone may have just become a super.

The Flash, Episode 39 “Trajectory” Broadcast March 22, 2016

Written by Lauren Certo & Lilah Vandenburgh

Directed by Glen Winter

“Previously on The Flash“, Turtle is killed by Harrison Wells, Cisco gets goggles on Earth-2 that trigger his vibe abilities, the final portal to Earth-2 is shut but not before Zoom puts his hand through Jay’s chest and pulls him in to the portal, and back on Earth-2 Zoom takes off his mask to reveal he’s Jay.

Barry and the gang are at a dam so that he can see if he’s fast enough to leap from one side to the other. He’s not. Luckily, Cisco has a way to save him. Barry’s not pleased with himself. Cue opening title sequence.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry wants to work on why he couldn’t make the jump, but everyone is burned out from working on it for a week: they want some down time. Cisco suggests they go to a club and all are in, save Jesse whose father forbids her to go. At the club, everyone, including Jesse, is joined by Iris and Wally. Because the monitoring watch her father gave her keeps making noises, Jesse goes to the ladies’ room to disable it. In trying to do so she accidentally triggers one of her father’s old recordings where he states he give up the life of a man to save his daughter. Alone, Iris and Barry wonder what their Earth-2 counterparts are doing right now. Suddenly a red and yellow streak comes racing into the club, knocking down people and breaking things. When it exits, the cash register is emptied and everyone’s wallet or purse is gone. Someone yells out, “It was the Flash!” Maddened, Barry races out, now wearing his Flash gear. He catches up to the girl, but she turns up the speed and outraces him. Left far behind, Barry is barely able to gasp, “Who the hell are you?” Cue first commercial break.

This was an okay episode. There wasn’t really any surprises with Trajectory, her identity or justification for using her powers, though her fate was certainly a jaw dropper: haven’t seen that before on this show! Much more interesting was Barry’s quest for more speed and how Harrison helps him out. The scenes between Violett Beane and Tom Cavanagh were great, with their relationship taking a change. Given what happened to Jesse in this episode, it’s hard not to think that she’ll be living up to the name of a character from The All-Star Squadron. The scenes between Iris and her editor were not good; J. Jonah Jameson has covered the anti-hero editor for several decades, I don’t need to see it repeated.

The good: Tom Cavanagh, Violett Beane, Allison Paige (More of her, please!), some fun lines in the script, the awesome special effects, and a fantastic pan from director Winter at the end of the episode when everyone hears Cisco’s revelation.

Fun lines: “Over my rotting corpse,” “Oh…right,” “I could always build you an inescapable daughter cube,” “…you’ll thank me,” “So don’t be like me. Be better. Be like Jay,” “Why do the crazy ones always name themselves?”, “Please don’t come looking for me,” and “We need to know.”

The bad: No real threat from Trajectory and the revelation the characters learn is something the audience has known since the last episode. And no more Scott Evans, please.

The final line: A good, but not great, episode. The characters have finally learned what the audience knows and someone may have just become a super. Overall grade: B

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