In Review: The Flash – Duet

The Music Meister sends Supergirl and the Flash to a world where life is a musical and the only way to escape is to sing and dance.

Synopsis: The Music Meister sends Supergirl and the Flash to a world where life is a musical and the only way to escape is to sing and dance.

Review: Barry Allen and Kara Danver’s romantic lives get thrown under the spotlight in this fun musical adventure that sees the super friends transported into a dream state where they are stuck in a cheesy musical.

However the cheese doesn’t really take away from the fact that the cast put in some solid singing performances. Especially John Barrowman who uses every opportunity to chew the musical scenery with his vocals and playing up the camp factor to max.

As far as the story goes. The musical element of the show lends from musicals like west side story to play with the Romeo and Juliet narrative of Supergirl’s relationship with Mon-El and Barry Allen’s troubled romance with Iris.

Not being that much of a romantic myself. I found myself annoyed by the fact that the writers did not do a more superhero narrative with a musical episode. Granted we had the original song Super Friends in the final couple of acts of the song, which was a fun song. But the romance route with a musical episode for me felt a little obvious and a bit of a cop out.

I’ll not dispute the production values or the performances. All the actors hit the right notes and did excellent work.

I’d just liked to have seen an approach that played up the fun, pain and daily trauma of being a superhero and have songs based on that theme.

As far as the cheese goes. Darren Criss took full advantage of his role as Music Meister and his scenes throughout are playful in the extreme. Though one particular scene where he teases Wally about his recent visit to the speed force felt a little out of place. Even though it was there to basically touch base with the trauma that Wally has recently lived with. I think that trauma would have been addressed in a much better way in a regular episode.

Overall. This was a fun episode, but not really what I’d have liked to have seen from a musical episode. I’d have liked a musical to have been hung around a more ambitious superhero themed narrative as apposed to a cheesy romance story.

The Flash - Duet
  • The Good: Acting and Music Performances
  • Bad: Weak predictable cliched Romantic story
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Musical Performances

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