In Review: The Flash – Death of the Speed Force

Kid Flash returns to Central City with a Zen attitude and new tricks up his sleeve.

Synopsis: Kid Flash returns to Central City with a Zen attitude and new tricks up his sleeve.

The Story

When Kid Flash returns to Central City, he comes with a bunch of new tricks and some concerns about the Speed Force, which is seemingly dying. Meanwhile, Cisco has returned from his trip and learns that the Meta known as Turtle 2.0 has followed him back. While trying to come up with serum to help Flash stop Turtle 2.0 Cisco fobs Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells off when he says he is seeing ghosts versions of other Wells’s from crisis, but by the time Cisco is able to help. He finds that Nash has been taken over by an old enemy who is intent on killing him and the Flash. Elsewhere an innocent photograph taken by Kamilla threatens to expose the imposter version of Iris West.

The Acting

It was great to see Keiynan Lonsdale make a return as Kid Flash aka Wally West. His scenes with Grant Gustin’s Flash were really solid as Kid Flash at least for a brief period blames Barry for the dying speed force and the fact that both he and barry only have a limited amount of the speed force left in them. The best scenes came when Wally had a heart to heart discussion with his father Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) who pretty much told Wally that he was being a little too hard on Barry and not very zen.


This was a pretty good episode, but Turtle 2.0 felt like a fairly weak villain that sort of got in the way of us perhaps having a little more time looking at the implications of what Barry had done to the Speed Force or looking at ways to fix it. I loved the fact that Wally had learned to somehow use mystic Buddhist meditation techniques to connect to the Speed Force, which is what informed him of the issue and it would have been cool to have explored a little more of that story point.

The fight sequence between Flash, Kid Flash and Turtle 2.0 was fun as the two speedsters did their best to limit the usages of their powers by phasing through buildings as opposed to going around them in order to rescue Joe from Turtle 2.0.

The sequence at the close of the episode where the imposter version of Iris zaps Kamilla was nicely built up too.

The Flash - Death of the Speed Force
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