In Review: The Flash – Blocked

Team Flash comes face to face with Cicada.

Synopsis: As Barry helps his daughter, Nora, become a better speedster, he and Team Flash also track down a meta stealing high-tech weapons, only to cross paths with a new foe named Cicada, who is hunting the very same meta with nefarious intent.

Review: Team Flash comes face to face with Cicada in an episode, which sees them having to deal with some of the emotional fallout from last season.

The Story

This episode sees the team having to deal with all manner of things. Both serious and trivial. Firstly Barry is trying to show Nora the ropes and teach her to be more effective with her speed. While this is all happening a new meta comes on the scene that nearly gets the better of them due to the fact that Nora rushes in without thinking things through, which causes Barry to reconsider his approach and seek some fatherly advice from Joe, who reminds Barry that he had made similar mistakes to Nora.

Iris is investigating an attack on a prison transport, which police suspect was the work of a new meta, but there is no footage to identify it.

Cisco, who is heartbroken after his break-up with Gypsie finds himself the center of attention in various schemes, which have been devised by Ralph to help fix get over the break-up blues. Caitlin goes along with it so she can avoid dealing with some of her own issues.

All of this becomes rather trivial when Flash and Excess come face to face with Cicada makes himself known and dishes out a pretty major ass kicking.

Who is this Cicada and what does he want?

The Acting

Some great performances this week. But one of the best moments for this week is the conversation that Barry has with Joe about his frustration about his new role as a father. The onscreen chemistry between Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin never gets old, and this has to be among the best father and son scenes that they’ve done to date on the series.


Not a bad second episode. I liked seeing Barry struggle with taking on the role of a father and the lighter moments provided by Ralph and Caitlin’s efforts to help Cisco allowed for some levity. I also liked the fact that Iris has taken back her role as an investigative reporter.

The introduction of Cicada was pretty epic and poses more questions right now than answers. For example. Given that he pretty much had Barry, Cisco, and Ralph by the short and curly’s. Why did he suddenly back off and flee when Nora turned up? What is the connection there?

The Flash - Blocked
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