In Review: The Flash – Attack On Gorillas City (Part 2)

Grod and his army invade Earth 1. Can Barry and his team stop Grod and his Gorilla's.

Synopsis: Grod and his army invade Earth 1. Can Barry and his team stop Grodd and his Gorilla’s.

Review: Barry and his team are busy celebrating the victory on Earth 2 over Grodd and his army when they get an impromptu visit from Gypsy who proceeds to attack them.

It soon becomes clear that Grodd has had a degree of control over Gypsy and had sent her as a distraction while he and his ape’s set the stage for their invasion.

The episode builds into a game of strategy between Grodd and the Flash. A game that gets more and more deadly with every move and counter move.

Things looks bad and Barry is at a point where he cannot see any other way out than killing Grodd. But Harrison Wells talks Barry out of it and says there has to be another way.

That other way rests in the combined effort of Cisco and Gypsy and their ability to vibe and bring a special guest to Earth 1 in order to take on Grodd in a fair fight.

There was a lot to like in this episode such as Harrison Wells chiding H.R. about his lack of intellect and so forth, which made for some fun moments. But we also get a little action in the Wally and Jesse Quick relationship, which is fully rekindled and moving forward or screeching to a halt.

The CGI of the apes in this episode was fantastic to see and is something I doubt they’d have gotten away with doing in the shows first season, which slowly unveiled Grodd over the course of a few episodes.

The way in which the team finally manages to defeat Grodd was quite exciting, but had you been paying close attention to the first part. You’ll likely deduce the tactic as the story develops.

It was great to see Gypsy and Cisco interact again. And I’m inclined to agree with Gypsy. Cisco cannot handle her. But the fun will be in watching him try.

The Flash - Attack On Gorillas City (Part 2)
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