In Review: The Flash – Attack On Gorilla City (Part One)

The Flash aided by Cisco, Caitlin and Julian must travel to Gorilla City on Earth 2 in order to rescue Harrison Welles from Grod.

Synopsis: The Flash aided by Cisco, Caitlin and Julian must travel to Gorilla City on Earth 2 in order to rescue Harrison Welles from Grod.

Review: This episode sees the return of Gorilla Grod who has kidnapped the earth 2 Harrison Wells in order to lure Flash and his team into a rescue mission.

Upon arriving in Gorilla City the team finds themselves captured pretty quickly and at the mercy of the Gorilla’s. Grod claims that he needs Barry’s help to defeat the Gorilla leader Solovar. He tells Barry that Solovar has plans to invade Earth One. And says that Barry needs to defeat Solovar in mortal combat in order to prevent the invasion.

Upon defeating Solovar it is soon revealed that Grod has tricked them and was intending to take command of the Gorilla army and invade earth himself. But he needs Cisco and his vibing powers to open a portal.

This was a really fun episode with some great effects. The duel between The Flash and Solovar being a case in point.

It was also great to see Harrison Wells make a return. I’d missed him. And would rather have him back in the group over H.R. who is fun, but only in small doses.

Also making a welcome return was Violett Beane as Jesse Wells aka Jesse Quick who had a pretty good storyline working alongside Kid Flash. 

Another fun element was Julian Albert getting decked out in his Indiana Jones gear in order to go on the mission. I’m continuing to enjoy the friendship that is forming between Julian and Caitlin and hope that it continues and that he is able to stick with the team. I like his negativity verses Barry’s optimism. It makes for a fun contrast.

By the close of the episode. It seems that the team have had a victory, but that is looking to be very short lived given that Grod has now enlisted the help of Gypsy to get him and his army to Barry’s earth.

I look forward to seeing how all of this plays out in next weeks second part to this story.

The Flash - Attack On Gorilla City (Part One)
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