In Review: The Fighting American #2

The Fighting American meets his first Female FBI Agent.

Synopsis: The Fighting American and Speedboy continue their adventures in modern America, but how will they get out of being arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit?

Review: The answer to the above question is FBI Agent Rutherford who gets Fighting American released into her custody, but not before we have heard a number of brilliantly funny lines from the two coppers that are trying to interrogate him. Among the mockery are references to classic science fiction series such as Terminator, Time Tunnel, and Doctor Who. It’s pretty obvious that writer Gordon Rennie was having a little genre party when writing this issue.

When picked up by Rutherford the Fighting America makes a number of clumsy comments regarding the fact that she is a female agent, which is something he will only tolerate until a better male agent becomes available. This would be a typical attitude of someone from the 1950’s and fits this fish out of water narrative beautifully. The panels where Rutherford is trying to get to know Fighting American gives an opportunity for some backstory, which recaps Joe Simon’s origin story for the character. It also gives Fighting American’s nemesis Poison Ivan a chance to wax lyrical about how great communist Russia is to Madam Chaos who rescued him and is working with a psychopathic teen who is back in 1954.

The issue concludes with more fun as Captain America and Rutherford go and pick up Speedboy.

Overall. This was a solid second issue in which we get a stronger sense of the characters and their motivations. I’m liking the difference in agenda between Madam Chaos and the extreme communist Poison Ivan who is nostalgic for the Russia that he knows. This makes for a fun little jibe at the expense of Socialism via a throwaway joke made by Madam Chaos, which illustrates the ideological difference between Madam Choas belief and that of Ivan who is very, very old school.

The artwork by Duke Mighten continues to be solid and there is a degree of homage going on to the art style of the late Jack Kirby.

If you enjoyed the first issue. Then I’d highly recommend you get this second one.

The Fighting American #2
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