In Review: The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #5

After his escape to the waking world went terribly awry, Ruin finds himself face to face with his creator, Dream...

Synopsis: This month on Waking Hours. After his escape to the waking world went terribly awry, Ruin finds himself face to face with his creator, Dream…and Dream is not happy. Is there any force in this world that could stop him from unmaking his most unpredictable creation?


The Story

Having returned to the dreaming in last month’s issue. Ruin now finds himself being hunted by Brute and Glob. Fortunately, Ruin gets some help in escaping from them from Dora. But he ultimately has to face his creator’s Dream.

Elsewhere, Lindy is challenged by Merlyn who claims that he is her child. He is trying to trick her into giving up her own sovereignty. Thankfully Lindy’s relationship with William Shakespeare’s writings proves of great help to her.


The Artwork

The artwork in this final part is awesome. Nick Robles’s drawing and linework are fantastic. Furthermore, he manages the transitions between the different areas of The Dreaming really well. Mat Lopes’s colorwork adds a great deal and really helps enhance the linework by giving it some proper dreamlike qualities. Additionally, Lopes’s use of a muddier color palette for the waking world really pushes a certain grittiness. In particular, I really liked the sequence where Jophiel has a quiet word with a rival angel.



G. Willow Wilson’s journey into The Dreaming concludes as Lindy’s story comes to an end, but it’s only the beginning of Ruin’s journey. I loved how this story arc concludes. The final conversation that Dream has with Ruin is both philosophical and truthful. In short, Ruin is given free roaming rights to pass between The Dreaming and Waking Worlds. Lord Dream has given him the license to go and find his true love. This gift comes with a warning. A warning that will make the future adventures of Ruin that be more interesting.

Overall. A great conclusion to what has been a fun adventure.

The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #5
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