In Review: The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #2

New mother Lindy is trapped in the Dreaming, and the lovestruck nightmare Ruin is loose in the real world.

Synopsis: New mother Lindy is trapped in the Dreaming, and the lovestruck nightmare Ruin is loose in the real world. Dream must put this situation right-but to do so, he’ll have to travel into the Black Chest where he keeps his most dangerous nightmares…and pull the answers right from the mouth of the unimaginable Endless Teeth!


The Story

Lindy is still trapped in the Dreaming and is beginning to get over her love of Shakespeare given that she is surrounded by so many versions of him. Meanwhile, in the real world Ruin, Jophiel, and Lindy’s baby pay a visit to the sorceress Heather After, who runs her own youtube style channel about using Magic to even out the playing field. Jophiel and Ruin interrupted one of her live streams and engage her services in helping them get Lindy out of the Dreaming, but she needs to know Ruin’s story before she can proceed.

Elsewhere Dream and his assistant Lucien set about interrogating all of the nightmares to try and ascertain who helped Ruin get out of the Dreaming.


The Artwork

The art team do a wonderful job in this issue and managed to pull off several different environments ranging from Modern Day New York to Shakespeare Home as well as the dream environment that Ruin has come from. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of panels where Ruin gives Heather After his backstory. I also really enjoyed the sequence where Jophiel and Ruin barge in on Heather while she is live-streaming to her fanbase on the web. But most enjoyable of all for me was the moment where Dream and Lucien step into the Black Chest and descend downwards to meet all the Nightmares.

The art team of penciler  Nick Robles and colorist Matt Robles are doing some great work with this book and are presenting a nice variety of art styles to depict the various worlds within the pages of this book. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they cook up for next month.



G. Willow Wilson continues to enthrall with what is a great storyline, which is beginning to present us with some fun plot twists. I loved the nod to Youtubers and Law of Attraction videos that she makes with the character of Heather After. It was very true of the many magical gurus that are out there on the web. So to see it used in a comic that is about dreams and nightmares makes perfect sense.

Looking forward to next month’s issue. Bring it on

The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #2
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