in Review: The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #12

The future of the realm of Faerie lands in Heather After’s hands-and Heather’s not exactly known for her sound judgment.
Waking Hours

Synopsis: This month in Waking Hours. The future of the realm of Faerie lands in Heather After’s hands-and Heather’s not exactly known for her sound judgment. But if she doesn’t use her power wisely, she could call down the wrath of the Dream Lord himself and send her closest confidant, the escaped nightmare Ruin, back into eternal imprisonment…or far, far worse!


The Story

In this final chapter of the story. Heather After and Jophiel wrap up their business in the Faerie Lands when they learn that Ruin has gone missing. Meanwhile in the real world Ruin has asked Heather After’s boyfriend to use the spell to call them back from the Faerie Lands. Meanwhile, the Doctor who treated Heather After for her injuries has called upon her friend Benedict to join her in visiting Heather After’s apartment to pick up some drugs that she left.


The Artwork

As always Nick Robles does some bloody brilliant artwork. I really liked the panels in which we see the stand-off between Heather After and Lord Dream. Particularly good was how large Lord Dream was when compared to Heather After who stands up to him with feisty determination. I also loved the sequence where Jophiel ascends back to the heavens.



G. Willow Wilson does a brilliant job of wrapping up her story with this issue. I appreciated how she left things somewhat open in Faerie Land, which saw Heather After ultimately choose friendship over being a Queen. Indeed, aside from Ruin who has had quite the journey in these books. I’d say that Heather After has evolved as well. And is a much more confident practitioner of magic than she was when we were introduced to her.

Waking Hours comes to a conclusion with a somewhat happy ending for Ruin, but I would not be surprised if the writer or another writer decides to pick at a few of the remaining threads. Especially given that Heather After has paid quite a high price for Ruins happiness. It’s only a matter of time before that debt comes due.


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The Dreaming: Waking Hours (2020-) #12
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