In Review: The Doctors – The Jon Pertwee Years

Introduced by Nicholas Briggs and Keith Barnfather. This collection of interviews with actors from the Third Doctor's era of Doctor Who is stunning.

Description: A definitive collection of interviews with the stars of the Third Doctor Adventures, which were originally recorded for the series Myth Makers.

Review: Introduced by Nicholas Briggs and Keith Barnfather. This collection of interviews with actors from the Third Doctor’s era of Doctor Who is stunning. 

The introduction alone is worth its weight in gold given how much of a connection that Briggs has formed with both the classic Doctor Who and the new series in which he voices the Daleks and many more monsters.

It was interesting to learn in the intro that Briggs found his experience of interviewing Jon Pertwee to be fairly intimidating. You wouldn’t think it given how well the interview seems to go.

All of these interviews were done for a show that Briggs did during the mid 80’s throughout the 90’s. In fact am pretty sure some of these interviews might well have aired at some point or other on the old BSB Satellite channels, which one could only get it they had a BSB box and a Squariel. Which was an ugly looking square shaped dish that adorned certain homes during the early 1990’s.

Nicholas Briggs is really good when conducting these interviews.

Included in this set are interviews with the late Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning. Caroline John, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin and John Levene. 

The late Jon Pertwee being interviewed by Nicholas Briggs at his home.

The entire set of interviews and introductions comes pretty close to six hours.

The Pertwee interview is worth the price of admission alone, but I have to say that it was Katy Manning’s interview that entertains the most. She’s as mad as a box of frogs, but in the nicest possible way. She talks very fondly of her time on the show and you get the impression that she had many more stories to tell from her time on the show.

The interview with Nicholas Courtney is also really, really good and well done. He gives a lot of great insights into his time with the show. And its very obvious that he enjoyed his role of the Brigadier.

Overall this is a brilliant collection of interviews, which is done with a lot of love and care.

Its very apparent that it is done by fans of the show because the questions asked of the different actors are about the things that most classic Doctor Who fans want to know about.

At the modest price of £9.99 on Amazon. This set is well worth the price.

It’s prompted me to get my hands on the 2nd Doctor set, which is also out on DVD for the slightly higher price of £14.99.


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