In Review: The Death-Defying Devil (2019-) #2

The Death-Defying ‘Devil’s time in the Winslow house brings him closer to the people he has sworn to protect

Synopsis: The Death-Defying ‘Devil’s time in the Winslow house brings him closer to the people he has sworn to protect, but a mystery inside the house is blooming, while the enemy outside moves in closer. Threats loom everywhere and the ‘Devil may be the greatest of them all.

Review: This comic gets a little freaky, but not at all in a bad way.

The Story

While recuperating at Winslow house. The Death-Defying Devil is being waited on and very well looked after by retired movie star Louisa Thomas and her many cats. Louisa regales her guest with stories from her time in movies and also talks about a time when she wasn’t afraid to go out to the market to shop and just be somewhere different and clean to her usual surroundings. The Devil is very patient as he listens to Louisa and decides to chaperone her on a trip to the market. At this point, things get a little freaky as The Devil is sucked into a Western B-Movie with Louisa Thomas as his leading lady.

The Artwork

Walter Geovani submits some great art for this issue. I particularly enjoyed a panel where Death-Defying Devil dispatches one of the bad guys with a rather satisfying kick to his gonads. But the art style takes on a bit of a sepia look when we wind up in a rather strange Hollywood Western where Death-Defying Devil is the Sherriff.

I also enjoyed the panel that shows us some of the Project Superpowers heroes when Louisa talks about the mysterious masked heroes of old.


Gail Simone does a wonderful job with this, but am not totally sure where the story is going, but I enjoyed the twist that takes us back to a Hollywood version of the wild west. I also enjoyed the dialogue for Louisa Thomas when she is talking about her life to the strange masked man that rescued her and the other tenants of the house.

I look forward to seeing where all of this will lead in the next issue. I have to wonder if Death-Defying Devil will wind up in a chariot race in a Hollywood epic similar to the classic Ben Hur next. Am really excited by some of the possibilities of this story.

The Death-Defying Devil (2019-) #2
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