In Review: The Death-Defying Devil (2019-) #1

A pretty solid opening issue and a fairly good jumping on point

Synopsis: The Winslow House is in shambles, but people call it home. It is a place for people who have almost nothing but are trying to make a life for themselves. It is also in a bad neighborhood, and no one will stop criminals from tormenting the residents…until The Death-Defying ‘Devil shows up! But when the ‘Devil tries to step in and protect the innocent, things take a turn for the worse and he finds himself trapped inside the house, being taken care of by the same people he was trying to save.

Review: This is my introduction to the character of Death-Defying Devil so I’ll be reviewing very much based on my first impressions of what seems to be a character that Dynamite has been kicking around for a while. But this seems to be as good a jump on point as any.

The Story

Gail Simone opted to tell a part of this story in flashback as we get introduced to the Devil early on in the comic as we find him lying on a sofa looking pretty seriously banged up. One of the tenants from Winslow House. One of the two people that the Devil helped is talking about the late Hollywood actor Audie Murphy who had a film career playing soldiers but was a real soldier during world war II.

Then the comic flashes back to the events that saw Death-Defying Devil wind up on the sofa. As he ran into a bunch of thugs and a gang leader called Donavon.

The Artwork

Walter Geovani provides some really good pages for this issue but for me, it is page 11, which feels like the highlight. This is the page where we get to see the Devil in action. The rest of the comic is rather routine as we see a lot of characters and talking heads as we are slowly taken through the narrative and introduced to the various characters that live at Winslow House.


Gail Simone provides us with a rather strong opening issue, which focuses a lot more on introducing us to the characters and the neighborhood where much of the action is likely to take place. And the writer has come up with some truly colorful characters, which include a former Hollywood star or perhaps someone with mental health problems that are under the delusion that she was once a Hollywood star. It’s kind of hard to tell at this point.

There is a disturbing moment in the issue where one of the characters calls the police for help. Only to find a chilly reception from a very racist police officer.

Overall. A strong opening issue, which has me hooked in for issue 2.


The Death-Defying Devil (2019-) #1
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