In Review: The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show

That was truly wonderful!

Synopsis: Using original scripts from the 1940s Superman Radio Series, Tim Daly and an all-star cast including Eric McCormack, Henry Winkler, Alfre Woodard, Jason Alexander, Giancarlo Esposito, CCH Pounder, Troian Bellisario, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Rapp, Lea DeLaria and many others provide new voices to these classic episodes. 

Review: That was truly wonderful! The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show was a highlight of DC FanDome for me. I admit I’m biased. I prepared for this by listening to the original episodes (not a hardship), which are all on YouTube.

The Story

The Rough Patch Radio players used the scripts for the first four episodes of the original show. These were “The Baby From Krypton,” “Clark Kent, Reporter,” “Keno’s Landslide,” and “Kent Captured by the Wolf.” The scripts themselves were unedited, except for the commercials. The players swapped in promos for The Creative Coalition, and their quest to bring the arts to the community.

The main story involved extremely truncated takes on narratives fans are familiar with. Major differences like the location of Krypton, the nature of Superman’s escape pod, and how he came by the name Clark Kent set the radio mythology apart.

The villains are also different, grounded in common tropes of the 1940’s. There’s nothing cosmic on offer, except for Superman himself.

The Acting

The acting was superb. Tim Daly reprised Superman and his alter ego for the second episode. Wilson Cruz and Daniel Dae Kim did the honors in the third and fourth episodes. All three men obviously had the time of their lives.

The only actors who seemed to be having more fun were playing the villains. Tony Shalhoub and Jason Isaacs split the role of the The Wolf between them. They were joined by Lea DeLaria and Anthony Rapp, who ate the scenery between them as henchman Keno.

The rest of the cast was utterly committed, but I do need to single out Alfre Woodard. She played editor Perry White with incredible gusto. 


I adored this production, but I can’t give it full marks, because The Rough Patch Radio gang ended on a cliffhanger. Instead of episode four, they should have played through episode nine, which was a more organic ending point in the show’s serialized format. That said, what we’re given was a necessary escape in these troubled times.

You can watch The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show here until tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. EST.


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