In Review: The Collector: Unit 731 #4

Tensions are rising between Dr. Sadao Shuzen and the Nazi officers.
Unit 731

Synopsis: In this month’s issue of Unit 731. Tensions are rising between Dr. Sadao Shuzen and the Nazi officers. With James’s loyalty and identity having piqued the interest of the Nazis, things won’t simply go the way Shuzen wants. But that doesn’t mean James is safe—it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as forces collide and lives are snuffed out in this dramatic finale at Unit 731.


The Story

The story arc of James Harris’s incarceration in an experimental Japanese P.O.W. camp comes to a conclusion as things from previous issues get wrapped up. When we last saw James he had been knocked unconscious and was strapped to Dr. Sadao Shuzen’s table. However, Sadao’s plans for James had to be put on hold as officers of the Third Reich turned up and were after James, who they knew as Olbrich who is wanted for treason. Of course, we learn that James was a part of a Nazi experiment, which wound up extending his life as well as giving him a supercharged immunity.

This last issue of the current arc sees James escape. But leaves things wide open for a follow-up story as we see an older Dr. Shuzen gleefully celebrating that his people had found James.


The Artwork

Will Conrad provides some stunning visuals for this final chapter of Jame’s time at Unit 731. I loved the dramatic final few panels where James and John come to blows during Jame’s escape attempt. I also loved the foreshadowing at the beginning of the story.



I’ve really enjoyed this book as a monthly event to be savored. Hopefully, some studio will get the movie rights to it. As I think it would make for a really cool movie. I enjoyed the friendship that forms between James and John and how it suddenly becomes a story about betrayal.

I also enjoyed reading the parts where Dr. Shuzen was trying to stall the Nazi’s from getting a hold of James.

Overall. This was a really fun read with some stunning artwork that gave it a cinematic quality that put me in mind of some of the old war movies that my late father would watch on the television.

The Collector: Unit 731 #4
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