In Review: The Christmas Dragon (DVD, Blu Ray & VOD)

A group of orphans undertake a quest to restore the lost magic and save Christmas.

Synopsis: A group of orphans undertake a quest to restore the lost magic and save Christmas.

Review: Available to rent for the princely sum of £1.49 through Amazon Video ‘The Christmas Dragon’ is a fantasy tale, which centres on a group of orphans who go on a journey to seek out Father Christmas and try and save the Christmas Magic.

The film seems to mirror many aspects from the recent Lord Of The Rings movies, but not in the best of ways. In fact at one point the kids meet a troll that could well have been abducted from one of the Peter Jackson Hobbit movies.

The acting from the young kids is a little bit shaky if truth be told. The young boys seem to lack any sort of consistent personality whereas the girls seem to have had all personally erased and replaced with a kind of creepy stepford wives happy go lucky vibe, which was laugh out loud at times.

The films practical effects seemed rather hit and miss and the CGI Dragon was so poor that it could almost have been done by an enthusiastic teen with the latest 3D graphics program and an anime obsession. As cute as the dragon was. It looked like a reject from a Syfy movie of the week.

The story wasn’t really anything special, but was serviceable to the films plot.

The music score was pretty good, but that said you could tell that the composer was ever so slightly influenced by the music that had been done for the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movies.

Despite the above flaws with the film. For as little as £1.49 it will likely entertain younger kids. And the fact that the kids finally meet Father Christmas at the end will likely have the pre 4 – year olds pointing at the screen. The story is pretty heartfelt in parts and the plot moves along at a steady enough pace that your average kid will not get to bored.

The Christmas Dragon (DVD, Blu Ray & VOD)
  • Heartfelt story.
  • Not very good CGI
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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