In Review: The Boys (S3 – EP8) The Instant White-Hot Wild

Billy and Soldier Boy prepare to take out two birds with one stone as they go after Black Noir and Homelander.
White-Hot Wild

Synopsis: In The Instand White-Hot Wild Billy and Soldier Boy prepare to take out two birds with one stone as they go after Black Noir and Homelander.


The Story

Having finished off Mindwarp in last week’s episode. Billy and Soldier Boy make preparations to go after both Black Noir and Homelander, but having learned that Homelander might be his son. Soldier Boy is beginning to have second thoughts. Further complicating matters is the fact that Starlight has learned that the Compound V that Billy and Hughie have been using could be killing them. This piece of information makes Billy pretty much push Hughie out of the plan in order to protect him.

Meanwhile, Black Noir is heading back to Vought to try and get back in. But Homelander is not convinced.

Elsewhere, Starlight rallies Hughie, Mothers Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko as they plan to do whatever they can to stop Soldier Boy and Homelander from fighting given the amount of death and destruction it could cause. They get some unexpected help in their cause from Queen Meave who has managed to escape from Vought Custody. Of course, Meave has her own score to settle with Homelander, which is a big plus for the team. 


The Acting

Erin Moriarty puts in a strong performance as Starlight pretty much comes into her own and dumps her Vought Superhero identity to become one of The Boys. In short, Starlight is once again Annie January. The scene where she brings the team together is well deserved given her entire character arc.  She also has a nice scene at the close of the episode with Meave (Dominique McElligott) who pretty much gives Annie a thumbs up.

As you’d expect we also get some really big scenes from Antony Starr, Karl Urban, and Jensen Ackles as their family ties leading up to the mother of all stand-offs. At the start of the episode, Homelander finds his son Ryan who has been under the protection of Grace Mallory. However, Homelander takes Ryan with him and when he gets between Soldier Boy and Homelander. Ryan finds himself flung to one side in the fight between the two supes. This incident leads to Billy intervening and taking on Soldier Boy in order to try and protect Ryan. In short, we end up with a fight at the close of the episode on several fronts. In all three of the shows, the biggest male characters flex their muscles.



The Instant White-Hot Wild wraps up this season’s main story arc quite well. But leave things open enough for a possible return of Soldier Boy should the writers wish to use him again. Added to that it also sees closure for Queen Maeve who has perhaps been the most unhappy of Vought’s Supes since the show began. But given that Kimiko got her powers back via taking Permanent Compound V. There is always a chance of Maeve making a return. But I can’t really see that happening.

Perhaps the most jarring aspect of this finale is perhaps Ryan’s decision to go with Homelander and the psychotic smirk on his face when he witnesses his Supe father murder one of his critics in cold blood.

With Billy living on borrowed time and the Boys now having Annie January as their leader. It will be interesting to see where the story goes in the next series.

The Boys (S3 - EP8) The Instant White-Hot Wild
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