In Review: The Boys (S3 – EP7) Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

Everything's changing as never expected for the Homelander.
Light You To Bed

Synopsis: In Here Comes A Candle to Light You To Bed. Everything’s changing as never expected for the Homelander. Soldier Boy is searching for the other old payback members to slay. Black Noir recollects what has really got him to the current situation.


The Story

Having taken out the Twins in last week’s episode. Soldier Boy now has his sights set on Mindstorm  and Black Noir, but how do you find perhaps one of the most paranoid supes to ever exist? Easy, you look at local pharmacies for prescription drugs for the treatment of bipolar. Having caught up with Black Noir and Mindstorm. Billy, Hughie, and Soldier Boy set out on a road trip, but before they are able to catch up with their prey. Mindstorm quickly works his magic and takes Billy out of the game before retreating back to his lair.

Meanwhile, Frenchie and Kimiko return, and Starlight immediately sets about looking after them as they are pretty badly beaten. While spending time with Starlight. Kimiko asks her to go back to Vought and pick her up some permanent Compound V so she can get her powers back. When Starlight sneaks back into Vought she finds herself confronted by Homelander who once again threatens to kill Hughie if she doesn’t toe the line. However, Starlight records the exchange and uploads it to her social media.

As Soldier Boy finally catches up to Mindstorm. He learns the truth behind his relationship with Homelander. His only target now is Black Noir.


The Acting

Jack Quaid puts in a solid performance as Hughie this week and his scenes with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) are brilliant to watch. Especially the scene where he tries to stand up to him. We also get a solid outing for Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher who has a series of Flashbacks to his traumatic childhood and the suicide of his younger brother.

Also really good this week is Erin Moriarty as Starlight. Her scene with Homelander (Antony Starr) is fairly epic. Her character seems to have gone from strength to strength. I’m really looking forward to seeing what her next move will be.



In Here Comes A Candle to Light You To Bed was fairly tame when compared to last week’s craziness. But it still had some wacky moments. The way in which Black Noir was having his flashbacks where all the original members of The 7 were cartoon characters was a lot of fun and worked really well.

However, ultimately it all built up to Soldier Boy’s reveal to Homelander by the close of the episode, which will likely mean that Soldier Boy is going to betray Billy and Hughie. I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes down.

The Boys (S3 - EP7) Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed
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