In Review: The Boys (S3 – EP6) Herogasm

You’re invited to the 70th Annual Herogasm!

Synopsis: You’re invited to the 70th Annual Herogasm! You must present this invitation in order to be admitted! Same rules as always: no cameras, no non-Supe guests unless they sign an NDA and they’re DTF, and no telling any news media! It’s BYOD, but food, alcohol and lube will be provided! And please remember to RSVP so we can get an accurate headcount for the caterer!


The Story

Having made a deal with Soldier Boy in the last episode. Billy and Hughie set about finding the TNT Twins. However, it seems that Homelander is also searching for the Twins as he looks to try and get to them before Soldier Boy can.

Neither party has to look too hard though As the TNT Twins are hosting the 70th Herogasm and are very much involved in the party. Meanwhile, Starlight has teamed up with Mothers Milk in order to try and evacuate the party before Soldier Boy or Homelander can get there.


The Acting

Jensen Ackles gets given a bit more dialogue in this week’s episode as he finally has a bit of a scrap with Homelander (Antony Starr). The fight starts off with a fun exchange of insults. As Soldier Boy ridicules Homelander because of his cape.

We also get a strong performance from Erin Moriarty as Starlight who pretty much continues to try and be a real hero. But finds that in order to do so. She needs to get out of Vought.



Herogasm is The Boys at its most absurd. The party, which is pretty much an orgy for superheroes pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination. Much of the comedy value in this episode was Hughie trying to retain his modesty while walking about Butt Naked while getting propositioned.

Overall. A fun hour, which is as over the top as ever. But not a huge amount of story progression.

The Boys (S3 - EP6) Herogasm
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