In Review: The Boys (S2 – Ep4) – Nothing Like it in The World

The Boys look for a Supe called Liberty
The Boys

Synopsis: The Boys head off on a trip to North Carolina in search of a mysterious supe called Liberty.


The Story

After having failed to bring the Super Terrorist to the authorities as talked about in last week’s episode. Billy has a meeting with his former FBI Handler Grace who provides him with the location of his wife and son but also gives him a lead on a second-tier supe called Liberty. While Billy goes after his wife and son in hopes of getting them away from the influence of Vought. Hughie, Mothers Milk, and Starlight travel to North Carolina to track down Liberty and are shocked by what they find out.

Meanwhile, Homelander’s fragile ego has been dented by the actions of The Seven’s newest arrival Stormfront who is going viral on the internet.


The Acting

Antony Starr absolutely steals the show this week as Homelander becomes more and more unstable. The scenes he shares with Doppelganger who is using his shapeshifting powers to impersonate Madelyn Stillwell is fairly telling of Homelander’s madness. We also get a brief scene where Homelander tries to choke out Starlight because he thinks she spared Hughie because she was still into him. Luckily for Starlight, she is a convincing enough liar to talk Homelander out of pulling the trigger.

Also bringing his A-Game is Karl Urban as Billy Butcher who finally gets to reconnect and spend time with his wife, but things do not go to plan for him.



This was a solid episode, which provided a few interesting reveals. The most interesting of which concerns the identity of Liberty.

The romantic triangle between Hughie and Starlight continues to run hot and cold, but I suspect it will be put on hold for a few weeks as Starlight pretty much tells Hughie that enough is enough. I loved the scene where Hughie, Starlight, and Mothers Milk are in the car on their way to North Carolina and start singing along to some Billy Joel.

Overall. A pretty solid episode, which connects a few plot points together to build us up to the next big confrontation or confrontations because it is pretty obvious that Kimiko wants some payback from Stormfront.

The Boys (S2 - Ep4) - Nothing Like it in The World
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